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Book Review:
The Work of Alberto O. Cappas
By Melisende’s Library
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December 5, 2009

I have the pleasure of being an "Internet friend" (ie.: internet buddy) of Alberto. And as such, was honored when I had the opportunity to read some of his works......

A Little about Alberto Cappas:  Alberto O. Cappas is both a poet and social observer. His works reflect the changing conditions of Puerto Ricans in both their homeland and mainland America. He is active in promoting self-empowerment among his local community and encouraging people to take life and the scruff of the neck and make something for themselves.

Dona Julia: A collection of poems that tell of life on the "other side of the tracks" - where life is both hard and cheap; where people struggle to eke out a living day by day; where violence dominates; and yet it is also a place of the home and family, of comfort and familiarity.

The language is not flowery and gossamer-like - it is harsh, sometimes brutal but always upfront and in your face. It is a reflection of reality - it is not something akin to the fantasy poetic worlds of Keats and Byron. It is poetry for today and for today's society. Alberto provides a glimpse into the ying and yang of life.

Lessons for Myself: A work dedicated to young people who feel trapped by their environment; who feel that there is no possible way out of the day to day struggle with life; who feel nothing but despair and anger.

Alberto's work compels young people to "think outside the box" - to not accept stereotypes, to take charge of their destinies, to make the change necessary themselves rather than sit wallowing in self-depredation. Life is there to be lived, enjoyed, and experienced to the fullest - and only you can make that detour on life's great journey.

Never Too Late To Make a U-Turn: "Never Too Late" was specifically written with students in mind, and has been accepted and utilized within the American educational system.

Alberto speaks of his own trials and tribulations in an attempt to help young people cope with their own. He is the voice of experience in a world where the lessons of experience can sometimes come too late in life. He offers guidance and understanding to a youth that really needs a helping hand. A man dedicated to empowering our youth and thus the world we live in.

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